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Fogged Insulated Glass (IG) panels are a common problem, especially with older and beach side windows or doors. This generally occurs when the seal between the two layers of glass goes bad, or fails as we call it. Foggy Window Replacement is generally straight forward and involves us coming to your location to get an exact measurement, and then installing your new IG. Let the experts at Kenilworth Glass replace the window glass for you!

Replacing a failed panel will bring back the original beauty of the window and allow you to enjoy a clear view of NOVA fabulous Views.

Interior muntins in the panel in your window replacement glass are also no problem to your substitution framework, we can replace most styles of IG’s with them. Your window replacement will look great in your home or business!

Broken glass panels are also a common problem, whether it’s caused by an object striking the glass or storm damage, we can fix it! Just like replacing a failed IG, we start by measuring the opening where the glass had broken so that your new glass window replacement framework windowpane will fit perfectly.

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