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Sliding Doors / Hurricane Rated

TX9000 Sliding Door System

The TX9000 Slide Door System is the ultimate intelligent system. It incorporates state of the art iMotion direct drive system technology with self-adjusting fully programmable iMotion micro-processor control and on board diagnostics coupled with outstanding door profile design.
The door systems are available in Outside Slide (TX9200)Inside Slide (TX9300)Telescoping Outside Slide (TX9420) and Telescoping Inside Slide (TX9430) and in All Glass (TX9500).

Auto Diagnostics: The TORMAX iMotion Direct Drive System is continuously monitored by an on-board auto diagnostic system; when a fault is detected a blinking code is displayed on the remote Seven-Segmented Function Control Panel. This swift response provides the building management crew with immediate information and allows for faster problem resolution. Door operating characteristics and door parameters may also be changed through the Seven-Segmented Function Control Panel. Standard with all slide door systems, the door can be field adjusted to meet any operating condition.

Self-Adjusting iMotion Controller: The iMotion Direct Drive System maintains optimal performance at all times through the use of an on-board self-adjusting closed loop iMotion® micro-processor control system. The system periodically checks the door’s operating limits and makes automatic adjustment to compensate for temperature, wind, dust, dirt, stack pressure and other outside factors, which alter the system’s performance.

Automatic Door Repair

Automatic door repair is our specialty. We have factory trained AAADM certified service technicians that can troubleshoot and repair the problem quickly to get your door back into operation again. Knowing the proper automatic door parts to install and their functionality makes our automatic door service superior to most door and glass repair competitors.

Heavy Duty/Low Energy ADA Operator is designed to automate nearly any new or existing doorframe. The side load header access panel simply pivots up out of the way and locks into position to permit quick install or service. The Low Energy performance, combined with adjustable opening and closing speeds, reduces energy usage to help offer a prompt return on your investment.  For example The Nabco GT500/8500 is engineered for both interior and exterior use.

Characteristics of Automatic Operators:

  • Proven design for proven reliability
  • Works with new or existing door frames
  • Low current draw – less than 5 amp, 115 VAC, 1-phase
  • Mechanical operator used with Basic Electronic or Microprocessor (standard) controller provides efficient, smooth operation
  • Adjustable closing speeds allow the door to close sooner for energy savings or slower for increased pedestrian protection
  • “Push-n-go” feature provides easy operation for handicapped or elderly pedestrians and eliminates the cost of wall switches
  • Recycle feature stops and reverses direction of swing path when an object is encountered for greater pedestrian protection
  • Available with bottom load or convenient sideload header
  • Sideload header access panel simply pivots up and locks into position, out of the way, enabling the operator to be quickly installed or removed for easy servicing while allowing the door to remain in a closed position, eliminating the loss of energy from within the building
  • Heavy-duty spring closer
  • Heavy-duty all-steel motor and mechanical gear box outperforms the competition
  • Single header for 2 doors with automatic operator in one side and a manual closer in the other
  • Auxiliary sensing devices available
  • Additional safety devices can be easily added
  • All features, components and accessories meet ANSI 156.19 standards. They are also ULC and UL approved and comply with ANSI 117.1 and the Low Energy Operator section of ADA.

Parts We Service

  • Safety Sensors
  • Motors and Motor Gearbox
  • Optical Safety Sensors
  • Electric Door Belts and Pulley’s
  • Handicap Push Buttons
  • Low Energy Operators
  • Automatic Door Glass Repair and Replacement
  • Door Rollers and Door Bearings
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