The Benefits Of Sliding Doors Over Bifold Doors

Benefits Of Sliding Doors

One of the most significant benefits of sliding doors over bifold doors is their method of opening and closing. Sliding doors slide to the left or the right without the need for the panel to move outward, as found with the bifold door design. This helps to make building entrances more accessible while streamlining the process of opening and closing.

Structural Design

Most sliding doors have two panels, but it is possible to have doors with three or even four panels. Each of the panels will remain parallel to each other at all times, adding to the durability of these doors. They are also not impacted by the wind as they do not open to the exterior of the building, limiting any possibility of damage even in significant storms.

Maintenance Benefits

Sliding doors tend to be very easy to maintain and keep clean. The design of these doors allows for large glass panels and a more minimal frame, which makes cleaning easy for professional janitorial staff, even at heavily used entrances.

New designs in energy efficiency with both sliding and bifold doors make them an effective way to add natural light to a building while also reducing heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.

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