Does Your Door Require Maintenance?

24" x 78" Stock Shower Door

No matter what type of door is installed in a commercial building, it will eventually require maintenance. Doors are constantly opened and closed, often hit by items, and with exterior doors, they are always exposed to the elements.

Signs of Problems

Several signs can occur when a commercial door in the interior or the exterior of the building is no longer functioning correctly. Paying attention to these signs and calling in a door service helps reduce the costs or repair and potentially prevents the need for a complete door replacement.

The most common signs of problems include doors that stick when opening or closing or that fail to open or close without additional pushing or pulling. Often doors that are no longer aligned are difficult to close or do not stay shut. Doors that no longer fit snuggly in the frame or that make scraping or grinding noises require a maintenance or repair service.

Preventative Maintenance

Routine door maintenance should be done every year. This is a check to make sure the door hardware is still functioning, including the door lock. Loose hinges or other fasteners can be tightened to keep the door aligned with the frame.

Finally, if required, and based on the type of door, door locks and hinges should be lubricated to ensure they are working correctly and not grinding or wearing. At the same time, it is important to look for signs of rubbing or rust on the hardware and any metal components of the door.

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